The ARMAS production program is derived from years of experience in the design of water supply equipment, planning, construction and utilizing of waterworks objects. By co-operation with design and contractor companies, and also with the final users, we recognized a lack of connection elements in the field of construction and exploitation of pipeline systems. Those elements should significantly unify and facilitate installation, handling and utilizing various pieces of equipment, as well as repairing of water supply network.

As a result of this cooperation ARMAS joints were made with the idea to lower investment costs needed for construction of large pipeline systems, and to enable fast and reliable repairs of all possible damages, during maintenance works.

Alongside production of classic joints for all types of pipes, we are also manufacturing a numerous special joints, which are used for quick, easy and efficient repairing of leakages at existing joints of pipes  and for connecting new pipelines to existing water supply network, all that without pipe cutting or consumers being cut-off.

Company ARMAS is founded in 1998. We are very proud that during our perennial existence, we had the opportunity to work with a very large number of clients and that there is no major water supply company in Serbia with whom we haven’t established cooperation. Our joints are successfully installed in water supply systems throughout the country.

During our existence, we have also established international cooperation, mainly with partners from Montenegro, Republic of Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Macedonia and Hungary.

We are regular exhibitors at Belgrade’s Water Fair and frequent participant of major symposiums regarding water, both in Serbia and the region.

We are inviting all interested parties to address us via the Contact page, we will be happy to meet your request.

With a desire to deepen our existing and make new cooperation,

Slobodan Stojanovićš.