Production scope


LONG EXTRA joints are used for repairs of pipe failures in case that pipe breakage occurs, or as substitution for existing joint if there is leakage on connection.

Basic advantages of using LONG EXTRA joints are:
– repair is made without pipe cutting (for small leakages even without consumers being cut-off);
– with one joint you can repair pipe failure on any pipe with the same nominal diameter regardless of pipe’s type of material;
– the allowed angular deviation of connecting pipes is up to 5°;
– these joints are used for major breakages (300-500 mm) depending of pipe’s nominal diameter;
– for repair of one failure one joint is enough (not two like in case of pipe cutting);
– if there is a damage of the pipe’s sealing area on position previously connected to ’’Gibault’’, ’’Vitlak’’, ’’Dalma’’ (or some other) joint, by simple installing of LONG EXTRA joint failure is mended without cutting off that area of pipe because the distance between gaskets on the LONG EXTRA joint is greater than on mentioned joints.

LONG EXTRA joints are part of ARMAS SISTEM-a.