Production scope


The basic purpose of MDS joints is easy and simple installation and removal of pipeline armature in pipeline systems.

Considering that the role of detachable elements in pipeline systems is only to ensure easy and simple installation and removal of armature which is being incorporated, it is natural that these elements of pipeline systems should be as much as possible simple, light and cheap, so they would not have much influence on the size of the investment.

Detachable joints – MDS, made by ARMAS are lighter from the usual detachable joints 30 to 40 %, which significantly decrease the price of the product. MDS joints made by ARMAS have installation length smaller up to 50 % when compared to the usual detachable joints, which have an effect on the size decrease of the manhole.

Besides already mentioned, other advantages of using MDS joints are:
– there are only two flanges (in contrast to other products which have three or four) so there are fewer nuts to tight, which affects time of installation and removal of the pipeline armature;
– small installation length influence that MDS joint successfully connects flanges of the armature and fitting at angular deviation up to 6°.