Production scope


LONG EXTRA ULTRA joints are upgraded version of LONG EXTRA SPECIAL joints which are used for sanation of leakages at connections alongside damage of connecting joint upon request that shall be no turning off water. The main characteristic of LONG EXTRA ULTRA joint is the possibility of covering very large differences in pipe diameters of connecting pipes.

By installing LONG EXTRA ULTRA joint the existing connection joint is not removed, so there is no cutting off pipes or disconnecting consumers.

With the stated way of installation of LONG EXTRA ULTRA joints, every possibility for water power stroke is eliminated (because there is no pipe cutting during the installation of the joint, so there is no opportunity for air to enter the pipe and create conditions for water power stroke), and advantage of installation without turning off the water is that after the installation and commissioning of the pipeline there is no blurred water, nor are possible consumers cut-off during the installation.