ARMAS SYSTEM is derived from intention to offer a solution which will enable to make construction of new pipeline networks, and also maintenance and reconstruction of existing, as fast, efficient and cheap as possible.

At this point the basic characteristics and advantages of using ARMAS SYSTEM joints will be presented.

Primarily, ALFA joints are used for connecting the specific pipe with the flange of shutter or fitting.

EXTRA joints are used for pipe ruptures in cases when the length of a rupture is small, and for longer ruptures LONG EXTRA joints are used. Thanks to EXTRA and LONG EXTRA joint’s special construction of rubber gasket, these joints, installed at the breaking point, represent angular attachment which enables mutual angular movement of pipes, while there is no leakage at the connection. This is a significant advantage of EXTRA and LONG EXTRA joints compared to joints which have sealing on the whole length of joint and which, because of their construction, can not have stable sealing in conditions when there is a mutual angular movement of pipes.

Joints LONG EXTRA with one or two outputs (LONG EXTRA+) in different combinations have exceptional practical use in construction of new water supply networks and reconstruction of existing ones. The advantage of installing these joints is making connection swiftly between secondary and primary pipeline, and that there is no cutting of primary pipeline while connecting it to the secondary pipeline. Also, by using joints LONG EXTRA with outputs (LONG EXTRA+) there is no need for installation of some fittings, which create large savings in construction of pipeline systems.

Additional advantages of using joints LONG EXTRA with outputs (LONG EXTRA+) are represented in cases when a connection between secondary and primary pipeline is made in such way that there is no shutter on primary pipeline, but only at the beginning of a secondary pipeline (which is the most common case). In stated conditions and by using joints from LONG EXTRA+ product range, there is no need for construction of the manhole, and managing shutter on start of secondary pipeline is made by the telescopic installation equipment. Thanks to mentioned advantages, speed of construction work and savings in fitting purchase are remarkable.

Schematics of the elements forming ARMAS SYSTEM can be seen here.